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Never on Sunday, Wingate Paine

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Preoperative and postoperative X-ray of a person with thoracic dextroscoliosis and lumbar levoscoliosis: The X-ray is usually projected such that the right side of the subject is on the right side of the image; i.e., the subject is viewed from the rear (see top image; the bottom image is seen from the front). This projection is typically used by spine surgeons, as it is how surgeons see their patients when they are on the operating table (in the prone position). This is the opposite of conventional chest X-ray, where the image is projected as if looking at the patient from the front. The surgery was a fusion and instrumentation.

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Ant Tales by Andrey Pavlov

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Not my type
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pillow fight
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Halston, Paris, 1960. 


Halston, Paris, 1960. 

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Google X, the company’s in-house future technologies research lab, is working on smart contact lenses that could help diabetics monitor their blood sugar level through their tears.

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